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An Avenue of Peace on the Vocational Journey

An Avenue of Peace on the Vocational Journey

When I first began the journey of vocational discernment, the Rosary emerged as a profound companion along my days of prayer. With each bead gracefully passing through my fingers, I found complete and total comfort in the presence of Christ’s peace resonating from the depths of my heart. We believe that in moments of doubt and uncertainty, our Blessed Mother beckons us to her, patiently awaiting for the allowance of her tender embrace, wrapped beneath her precious mantle.

Through the graces bestowed upon us by the sacrificial love of Christ, she will become the conduit, guiding us on the sacred path of our vocation. The Rosary stands as an incredible ally, a powerful force that can propel us forward as we make every effort to listen with the ear of our heart to know God’s will in our lives.

For many young women embarking on the discernment of their vocation, anxiety and fear become unwelcome companions. The innate human hesitancy towards life-altering decisions, whether in pursuit of religious life or marriage, can manifest as fluttering butterflies in the pits of our stomachs.

The initial steps into this transformative journey evoke nervousness, a feeling akin to the anticipation perhaps before a first date or speaking with the vocation director of the diocese for the first time. Yet, as we relinquish control and acknowledge God’s sovereign guidance, a profound sense of tranquility will envelope us. We can turn to Our Lady in prayer, who becomes the beacon illuminating the truth, offering an expedited passage to Christ through her maternal intercession to help us to know His holy will.

On challenging days we can focus on the Rosary even if it feels like an impossible feat. Our Blessed Mother wants us to approach her, and to seek her intercession. Who better to turn to than God’s own mother, who is our spiritual mother. She is already in heaven with her Son.

We should present ourselves in humble prayer. Through necessary surrender, we can entrust all that we are to Christ, running into the arms of His Mother with childlike trust, confident in her capacity to provide all that we need because she has an indescribable love for us as her spiritual sons and daughters.

In the midst of life’s trials, the little parish church can become a haven where the Rosary becomes a source of tranquility. On the most difficult days I recall gazing upon the golden monstrance where I was completely aware of the dwelling place of my Beloved, Jesus, and the fragrance of prayer all around me as the incense drifted high during Eucharistic Adoration. When I would pray the Rosary before Him, the sacred space was transformed into my sanctuary amid the ferocious storm, a refuge within her bosom, where I felt the love of Our Lady most profoundly.

In moments of perceived abandonment, clutching the Rosary in hand, I would reflect upon Christ’s own experience of rejection. Each “Hail Mary” uttered evoked tears—a tangible connection to His immense love through the heart of His Mother.

If we listen carefully enough, we can hear Jesus whisper, “I love you for all eternity as the Spouse of your heart. I will never leave you.” The devil flees at the mere invocation of “Ave Maria,” and in these prayerful moments, we become fully aware of Christ’s Presence.

The Rosary can become our wellspring of strength and courage, enabling us to navigate life’s trials. As our Mother keeps us close to her Immaculate Heart, each meditated mystery leads us to a deeper connection with her Son. This devotion bestowed upon us by Our Lady is a beautiful gift, more precious than gold—an invaluable treasure for the children of God.

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Seeking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary through prayer