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Saint Hugh of Grenoble (Châteauneuf)

saint hugh of grenoble chateauneuf

Hugh was born at Chateauneuf, France, in 1052. He became a canon (priest assigned to a cathedral) in Valence. He served as an aide of Bishop Hugh of Die and was very active in helping the bishop fight against the practice of buying and selling church offices. While attending a synod in Avignon in the year 1080 to discuss problems facing the vacant see in Grenoble, Hugh was elected bishop of that see. Hugh immediately set out to reform the see by denouncing simony and usury, restoring clerical discipline and building up the diocesan treasury. After a while, however, he became discouraged at the lack of reform taking place and he retired to become a Benedictine at Chaise Dieu Abbey. The pope, Gregory VII, soon ordered him back to his see. Several times Hugh tried to retire but the pope would turn him down because of his great abilities. After years of service and attempts at reform, Hugh died. Pope Innocent II canonized him.


Hugh encouraged St. Bruno in starting the Carthusians and gave him the land on which the Grande Chartreuse was built.


Heavenly Father, thank you for the saints and their deeds, which are an inspiration to us. We thank you for St. Hugh and his service to the Church. May he guide us in our efforts to help others and carry out Your will on earth. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

image: Saint Hugh of Grenoble, by an anonymous painter, at London National Gallery / National Gallery, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons