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St. Eadbert

Eadbert was ordained successor to St. Cuthbert, in the see of Lindisfarne, in the year 687. He spent eleven years as bishop of that church. Like his predecessor, Eadbert made it a practice to spend Lent and forty days prior to Christmas in solitude at a place by the sea. There he would practice fasting and abstinence and spend much time in prayer. Once, while he was on retreat, the body of St. Cuthbert was excavated to be moved and was found to be completely incorrupt. All were surprised to find that even his clothes were still as if new. The brothers quickly summoned Bishop Eadbert (who was on his retreat) to inform him. They then brought to him part of the garment of St. Cuthbert for him to inspect for himself.

When Eadbert saw the condition of the clothes that had been on the holy body, he devoutly kissed the garment. He then gave the order that the body of Cuthbert be clothed in even finer garments, and put in a new coffin which was then to be placed above the sanctuary for veneration by the faithful. Bishop Eadbert said that the grave that had held the holy body of Cuthbert surely wouldn’t remain empty for long. The words he uttered were prophetic because soon Eadbert himself fell ill and died. His body was laid to rest in the empty grave of St. Cuthbert and the incorrupt body of the saint was placed atop the former grave. According to the historian Bede, many miracles occurred that bore witness to both of these great saints.


Bede also wrote that while he was bishop, St. Eadbert had the church of Lindisfarne, which was dedicated to Archbishop Theodorus, covered with lead to preserve it because it was made of oak and reeds.


Dear Father in heaven, we thank you for the miracle of incorruption that we have witnessed so often in the bodies of the saints. What a wonderful testimony not only to their holy lives but also to Your greatness. Thank you for these miraculous signs, Father. May they bring many to conversion. Amen.

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