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Who Were the Apostles of Jesus Christ?

Who Were the Apostles of Jesus Christ?

Mission of the Apostles – Tommaso Minard

What were the Apostles of Jesus really like?  CatechismClass.com is pleased to offer an affordable, self-paced, online course and paperback that examines the Apostles in detail.

The Holy Days up until 1911 reveal something quite interesting as all of the feasts of the Apostles were Holy Days of Obligation on the Universal Calendar. The feasts of the Apostles were raised to public holidays in 932 AD, as Father Weiser relates (p. 279). The Church, by reducing the number of Holy Days of Obligation, removed the feasts of the Apostles. And this has diminished their importance in the lives of the average Catholic. How many Catholics can even name all 12 Apostles? How many know the name of the traitor or the name of the Apostle who took his place? Catechesis has failed the modern Catholic.

Before the changes to the Roman Calendar in 1955, nearly all feasts of the apostles were preceded by a special Vigil Day. And the Church put those days in place to help us prepare for the importance of a feast of an apostle. Sadly, the observance of fasting on the vigils of the apostles in many places disappeared back in the 1700s.

This course and book examine the Gospels, the Fathers of the Church, Apocryphal writings, encyclicals, and other sources to search out the Apostles’ personalities and history.  Along the way, you will look at the prayers, poetry, music, and architecture the Apostles inspired and see how these twelve men are still teaching us today, almost 2,000 years after their deaths.  You will see how the faith spread throughout the Roman Empire and even beyond its borders and how each Apostle met his death.  You will be surprised at the many different paths of the Apostles as they witnessed Christ.

If you can not name all 12 Apostles and a description of what each of them did after the Ascension, this course is for you!

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